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Waste in Our World, Grade 4 Science resources

Waste in our World

Chapter 1: Roseridge Regional Landfill is a modern Waste Management Facility built and operated to ensure that waste is sorted and disposed of properly to protect the environment. If you live in the Sturgeon region, your waste comes to Roseridge.

Chapter 1 Exercize

Putting Waste in it's Place

Chapter 2: The Journey of waste begins at home. Before waste ever enters Roseridge Waste Commission facilities you need to decide what to do with it. If something is in good shape it can be reused or donated. Stuff that we can't reuse can be recycled, composted or sent to landfill. 

Chapter 2 Exercize


Composting at Rose Ridge

Chapter 3: At Roseridge we support the local agricultural or farming industry by composting. Our compost is used as a soil amendment on Farmland in the area.

Composting is the process where organic matter such as leaves and food scraps are broken down by organisms like bacteria fungi or mushrooms worms and insects. 

Chapter 3 Exercize

Environmental Stewardship

Chapter 4: Environmental stewardship is the responsible use and protection of the natural environment. At Roseridge we care about the environment and keeping it healthy.

We have a monitoring program in place to watch for impacts that our waste may have on the water, land and the air of Sturgeon County.

Chapter 4 Exercise


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